General Terms and Conditions

The sales conditions below apply to all camping pitches and rented accommodations of Camping Hohenbusch.

Article 1 - Booking conditions

1.1 All our prices are in Euro and include VAT. By paying the rent, the customer agrees to our general terms and conditions, both for the customer and for any other person travelling with him. If you do not agree with our general terms and conditions, it is still possible to cancel free of charge (in writing) after receipt of the confirmation until 5 days after the reservation date.

1.2 Reservations are nominative and non-transferable. The stay is not final until after the deposit is received. If this deposit is not made without notification from the customer, the booking will be cancelled and we reserve the right to re-let the rented accommodation or camping pitch. In this case, administration and processing costs of €12.50 will be charged.

1.3 If you arrive later than booked and you fail to inform the campsite, your reservation will still be valid until two days after the arrival date as stated on your booking confirmation. This only if the sum of your stay has been paid in advance. After this term, any right to the rented accommodation and/or camping pitch will lapse.

1.4 There will be no refunds for a later arrival and/or earlier departure, so only book the period you ultimately want. Please note that there will be no refunds for unused holidays in the event of an earlier departure for any reason. Some insurance companies also offer cancellation insurance with a ‘bad weather clause’. If you leave earlier, all rights to your camping pitch and/or rented accommodation will lapse.

1.5 Pets are allowed if you are using your own camping equipment, but they are not allowed in the rented accommodation. Smoking is prohibited in all rented accommodation.

Article 2 - Cancellations

2.1 To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend taking out cancellation insurance immediately after booking. This can be done at any bank or insurance office upon presentation of your booking confirmation. In the event of cancellation or unexpected interruption of your holiday, you will be covered and the sum already paid will be refunded. If you have not taken out cancellation insurance and wish to cancel, the amount already paid for your stay will lapse. If you cancel in the month before arrival, you owe the entire amount of the stay, even if it has not yet been paid.

2.2 Special corona cancellation conditions Most insurers do not cover cancellations on account of the corona virus.

We will still refund the entire deposit or payment:
- If we have to cancel your holiday due to a mandatory closure of the campsite.
- If an entry ban applies at the time of your departure.
- If you, or one of the members of your travel group, has tested positive for Corona, this until 10 days before the arrival day. In that case, you need to submit a doctor’s certificate.

We may refund some of your payment:
- If you are told that you or one of your fellow travellers has been tested positive for Corona within 10 days before the day of arrival or during your stay at our campsite.
- In the case of a code red/negative travel advice. Travelling is not prohibited in the case of negative travel advice; it is advice, you decide whether or not you want to travel.
- If you are told you have to quarantine and you have valid proof for this.
- If shortly before your departure, one of the members of your travel group has symptoms and/or fever, you want to be tested and wait for this test. In all these cases we try, in consultation with you, to re-let the rented accommodation or camping pitch through a last-minute offer.

In that case, you will receive the entire sum paid by the new customer. We charge €35.00 for advertising/processing and administration costs. Please note: although it is often possible, we cannot guarantee the re-letting of the accommodation or camping pitch that you have cancelled.

No payment will be refunded:
If you want to cancel out of fear, an unsafe feeling or because you belong to a risk group. This is not a valid reason to cancel your holiday.

Article 3 – Force majeure

3.1 If restrictions are imposed by the government about whether or not certain facilities are opened, this falls under unforeseen circumstances.

3.2 Camping Hohenbusch is located in the middle of the natural environment of the Ardennes. Depending on weather conditions, this can sometimes be accompanied by natural influences and vermin. The campsite cannot be held liable for this.

Article 4 - Liability

4.1 Camping Hohenbusch is not liable for any damage, loss or theft to the equipment and property of its guests. The campsite is liable for its own equipment. If a guest causes damage to camping or rented equipment, the customer is responsible.

4.2 The guest agrees to the campsite’s applicable camping and night rest rules, which are displayed on our information board. If desired, these are also available in advance on request.

4.3 In accordance with the applicable Belgian law, the customer agrees to the policies and procedures. In the event of a dispute that cannot be settled amicably, the Court of Appeal of Eupen has jurisdiction.